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Free Legal Advice And Consultancy

Jusshjelpa i Nord-Norge offers free legal aid and advice. Our main fields are social security and immigration law, labour rights, tenancy law, debt cases, inheritance, family –and infant law.

The objective of Jusshjelpa is to improve the legal advice service in Northern Norway (Nordland, Troms and Finmark). Jusshjelpa has a social profile and aims to offer free legal aid to those who need it the most. Jusshjelpa i Nord-Norge employs 24 advanced law students currently studying at the university of Tromsø.

Who can become our client?

If you can’t afford a lawyer, you might qualify to the «fri rettshjelp»-insurance mainly paid by the norwegian government. This insurance covers most of the cost to hire a lawyer. If your application is rejected, Jusshjelpa i Nord-Norge can give you legal aid free of charge. However, each inquiry will be examined on an individual basis. Jusshjelpa i Nord-Norge cannot assist in criminal law cases.

We will try to give advice and references in every inquiry.

Contact us

Monday – Thursdag 10 – 14

Phone: 776 44 559
– Press «2» to reach the secretary.
– If you wish to contact the administration, please choose alternative «3» when calling 776 44559.

Jusshjelpa i Nord-Norge
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E-mail: postmottak@jusshjelpa.uit.no
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